Of Wolves and Packs.

Why the name WolfGroup?
We sought to model ourselves after a no-nonsense, straight-shooting problem-solver. Someone who arrives in the nick of time, quickly assesses the situation, thinks fast, and comes up with a real-world, workable solution. The kind of character who would introduce themselves saying, ‘I solve problems’. Enter the character of Winston Wolf, played by Harvey Keitel in the movie Pulp Fiction:

(stick his hand out)
'I'm Winston Wolf, I solve problems.'
'Good, 'cause we got one.'
'So I heard. May I come in?'
'Please do.'
Now don’t get us wrong- we don't aspire to be a 'fixer' for the criminal underworld, nor have we adopted Winston Wolf’s ‘unconventional’ methods. But we sure do like his motto.

'For the strength of the pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the pack' (Rudyard Kipling)

The wolf metaphor doesn’t end there: in our experience, many of the best consultants are those who work alone, personifying the image of the 'lone wolf'. We believe that there can be strength in numbers, and that bringing together a group of strong consultants (a pack of wolves, if you will) can enhance our complementarity and deliver original solutions and high-quality results.

Whichever metaphor you prefer, we can never be accused of being The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, or The Boy Who Cried Wolf.