Our Team.

You can see the Partner Firms and Freelance Consultants with whom we collaborate regularly. Our modus operandi is to assemble teams that bring together the right mix of skills, strengths and complementarity to suit the specific requirements of our clients. This business model of being able to quickly scale- up or -down according to needs equips us to respond flexibly on short notice.

Our international network of partners and associates are corporate, academic, humanitarian, and defense professionals, respected for their ongoing contributions to work in the global arena.
We are a bit obsessive with networks and networking:

The WolfGroup founded the Geneva Consultants Network in 2008, a social and professional networking group for consultants based in Geneva, Switzerland. The group meets on a bi-monthly basis- more details can be found here.

Other further networking ventures include the Swiss Facilitators Network, the ICRC Networking Group and the Chamonix Connector.