Associate Problem Solvers.

The following are partner firms with which we have extensive project experience.

Alchemy: the Art of Transforming Business

is a business strategy consulting firm with offices in Denver and London. They guide organizations in strategic business acceleration through action planning, innovative processes, and large-scale dialogues. We met Chris and Sabine when we enrolled in their Graphic Facilitation course (highly recommended!) The course has launched us down the path of strategic illustration, and we are developing new approaches and services with Alchemy in 2012.

Owl Research and Evaluation

supports organisations in analysing, assessing and evaluating activities in the communications, training/events and development fields. They want to demystify evaluation and share our know-how with all interested- we’re big fans of their blog. Read more about Glenn’s background here. We have worked together on 5 projects to date.


supports organizations with change and performance management, and implementing measurable operational improvements. Their client focus is on process optimization, creating behavioral change and implementing an effective management system. We find perfect resonance with their approach to organizational change and development- in particular the creation of a 'sense of urgency' around change, and developing vision and commitment at all levels to bring about sustainable improvements. Director William van Meegdenburg's passion for mountains is equally a value we share with Kakelbont.

Monde Moderne

and its founder Bruno Moynié produce broadcast quality ethnographic research films about consumers or users for private and public sector clients around the world. In partnership with the WolfGroup, their work complements traditional evaluations and reviews with broadcast quality video products that record behaviour, customs, life experiences and narratives of programme staff and beneficiaries. Our belief is that these ethnographic films make for more vibrant and compelling beneficiary/programme stories and are a critical means to facilitate the sharing of our evaluation's results to the client.


is a Basel-based facilitation and communication agency that specializes in dialogue processes, mediation and dynamic learning. Their focus is on developing space for dialogue, ideas and the creation of solutions. We envy their breadth of thematic areas and clients they work with- ranging from planning and sustainability processes to conflict management, and clients including local and provincial governments to international organizations. More about INTER ACT's principle consultant, Christine Ziegler can be found here.


is a Geneva-based firm specialized in developing meaningful approaches to project management through training, facilitation and consulting. They support their clients in ensuring that project:s directly serve their strategic and/or operational goals; strengthen human resources management; and result in measurable return on investments. Their philosophy is one of helping clients to read situations and get the practical answers they really want and need. More about Sandrine here.

the Virus

is a crowd-funded P2P organic organization. As entrepreneurs, their goal is to create 'Change the World' organizations which focus on meaningful business practice. They promote a movement of sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship as a natural extension of a company's social relevance. We have been working with Sjaak and Lars Vink since the launch of the Virus in 2011.